Qualified and experienced technician specialising in the latest firmware PS3 XBOX 360 & Wii USBLoader mods.

Installation service for the Xecuter Coolrunner reset glitch board along with a full JTAG RGH2.0 software install
on the Fat & Slim Xbox 360 consoles

All model PS3 CAN MOD for installing USBLOADER,PLAY games from HDD or USB external Hard Disk.

The new Reset Glitch Hack (RGH2.0) is Now available! we are the prefered Xbox 360 RGH installer for Sydney area
we are proud to announce that the new Reset Glitch is now available to hack ANY XBOX 360 CONSOLE – Slim and Phat!
– to allow you to play all of your games straight from a USB Hard drive without the need to use the original game

One of these new homebrew programs will also allow you to copy your original games into a USB Hard Drive through
the DVD drive of your 360 console, which is a great feature because you won’t need to insert your original game
disks anymore, all you will have to do is use your controller to scroll through the list of games and load them
instantly. This is not only very convenient, but it also keeps you originals safe from damage.We also can present
so many free Xbox360 backup games for you.

Xbox 360 JTAG or RGH exploit for supporing USB Loader
– Phat Models + Present free Xbox360 Games $100
– Slim Models + Present free Xbox360 Games $100

We are now offering RGH2.0 exploit install for supporing USB Loader,This mod is for USB Hard drive and Emulators /
Homebrew apps,its a slightly more technical mod that allows loading games to either USB Hard drive or Internal Hard
Drive,so you can download games into your extra HDD to play games,you need not burn any disc.

– Region Free Gaming (Play Final Fantasy and Games From USA/UK)
– USB HDD Loading (Save your Drive some LOAD!)
– Forget about burning discs
– The best and easiest mod available for 360 currently.
– Now working on higher model such as Corona motherboard and any dashboards including the lastest 16537.
– Present free Xbox360 Games (Please bring your HDD)

XBOX 360 LT+ 3.0
– Phat Models + Present free Xbox360 Games $50
– Slim Models + Present free Xbox360 Games $80

Installing the latest IXTreme L.T.+ 3.0 mod for all XBOX360 & XGD3 backup games. The Mod is installed without
voiding your warranty and no soldering required. Phat or Slim model consoles, supports all new and old games
including Kinect and it’s XBOX Live compatible.

1) Supports all XBOX Phat models and most Slims.
2) XGD3 backup games and Kinect supported.
3) Play backup 360 games on a DVD+R DL disk

Wii Softmods

Softmod / Homebrew Install + Present Wii Games $50

Install a USB hard drive or just play backup discs with this easy softmod, done in 20 mins while you wait.

Install a USB hard drive with USB Loader and start loading games straight away (currently the only way to play the
new Super Mario Bros. Game!) Even firmwares like 4.3 supported.

PS3 For Usbloader Install
– CFW Rogero 4.50 + Present free PS3 Games $100 (downgrade and Usbloader install)

I install PS3 lastest custom firmware Rogero CFW4.50 to play your backup ISO games from the external USB hard
drive. I can downgrade all model(cech2000,cech3000,cech4000) slim & Fat model.any OFW(including OFW4.50 can be

1) Play backup PS3 games from the PS3 internal hard drive or a external USB drive.
2) No soldering required or PS3 opened
3) The installation is reversible.
4) Place original game in PS3 and make a backup to your USB Drive using Multi-man backup manager feature.

CFW PRO-B10 + Present free PSP Games $40

I install the latest custom firmware PRO-B10 mod for all model PSP’s to allow you to play ISO backup games from
your internal memory stick. No more UMD loading.

1) Homebrew Compatible – Run your own unsigned applications,
2) ISO / CSO Game Dump Playback – Backup your own UMD discs via
USB and play them from Flash Storage.
3) PSX Emulator Unlock – Play your PSX classics, yes – all of them.

Quick, reliable service performed by experienced technician.20-30mins later pickup and warranty not voided. All
work is 100% success rate and guarantee, 100% reversible and completed within 30 minutes on either console.

please feel free to call or email for more details :



Thank you ;